5th Company, 1er escadron, Warsaw

In early 2007 contact was made with Marcin Piontek of ARSENAŁ – the Association of Polish Regiments 1717-1831,an association based in Warsaw of persons interested in Polish ancient military history from the Polish Republic of 1717-1831. Co-operation was established between Marcin Piontek and Bartek Przybilski who had served in the UK with the 1st Company, with the aim of creating within Arsenal a company of Polish Guard Lancers.

This project met with success and after several visits to Warsaw by members of 1st Company and training at the Polish military stables at Stara Miłosna the 5th Company was formed under the same organization and rules as applied to the 1st Company and led by Lieutenant Piontek. In 2007 5th Company visited the UK and took part in the ‘Military Odyssey’ as a prelude to the major event the following year at Somosierra in Spain, where to commemorate the charge by the Polish-Light Horse the regiment fielded in the re-enactment over 25 riders made up from both companies.

Since that time very close ties have developed between both companies and re-enactment participation has taken place in Poland, Waterloo and other bi-centennial celebrations throughout Europe. Marcin can be contacted directly through the ARSENAŁ website at Arsenal – The Association of Regiments 1717-1831 http://www.Arsenal.org.pl

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