French and Imperial units

Imperial Guard Cavalry

Xeme Escadron des Chasseurs a Cheval De la Garde Imperiale

Guard cavalry re-enactment regiment formed in Paris and closely associated to our regiment

Arsenal formation of Polish Regiments 1717-1831,
Polish Cavalry Brigade comprising of

5th company of 1st Polish Guard Lancers

Vistula Legion Lancers.

Imperial Guard Foot Artillery.

Artillerie a pied.

Part of the Napoleonic Association GB.

Imperial Guard Infantry.

Grenadiers a pied 1st.Bat 1st Reg-e.v

German based Guard Grenadiers from Germany.

1ere Grenadiers a pied;

Garde Imperial Grenadiers.


Part of the Napoleonic Association.

Chasseurs a pied.

German based Guard Chasseurs from Germany.

Line Cavalry.

Le 2me Régiment de Dragons.


Premier line cavalry re-enactment regiment from Belgium.

16eme Régiment de Dragons.

American based dragoon cavalry Regiment.

1er Hussards.

American based light cavalry hussars, part of Brigade Napoleon.

3eme Hussards.

Line cavalry unit part of the Napoleonic Association GB

4eme Hussards.

German based light cavalry hussars, part of FLG organization.

1ere Chasseurs a cheval.

French light cavalry regiment, part of the Napoleonic Association GB

7eme Hussards.

American based light cavalry hussars. Part of Brigade Napoleon.

3rd Cuirassier Regiment.

Heavy line cavalry regiment. Part of Brigade Napoleon from America.

Le 7e Regiment de Cuirassiers.

Premier heavy line cavalry cuirassier regiment formed in Belgium.

14th Cuirassier Regiment.

Heavy line cavalry regiment formed in the Netherlands.


9eme Regiment d’infanterie Legere


Long established Premier light Infantry regiment.

3eme Regiment de Ligne.

American line infantry part of Brigade Napoleon.

21eRegiment de ligne.

American line infantry part of Brigade Napoleon.

European group.

30eme Regiment de ligne.

Part of the Napoleonic Association GB

45eme Regiment de Ligne.

Part of the Napoleonic Association GB

85eme Regiment de Ligne.

Part of the Napoleonic Association GB

Foot Artillery of the Line.

3eme Regiment de Artillerie a pied de ligne.

Part of the Napoleonic Association GB.

His Britannic Majesty’s Units.


12th Prince of Wales Light Dragoons.

Napoleonic living history group dedicated to re-creating British Light Cavalry Unit.

Royal North British Dragoons, Scots Greys.

15th Kings Own Light Dragoons [Hussars]

Napoleonic cavalry part of Brigade Napoleon in America.

16th Queens Light Dragoons.

British light cavalry regiment part of Napoleonic Association.


Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards.

British re-enactment group recreating the 2nd Battalion of Coldstream Foot guards
that fought at Waterloo.

His Majesty’s 33 Regiment of Foot.

British group recreating Wellington’s Regiment from Halifax, Yorkshire.  (1812-1816)

88th Regiment of Foot ‘ Connaught Rangers’

British re-enactment group recreating this infantry regiment from the Peninsular War.

Kings German Legion.

German re-enactment group recreating unit that aided the British.

The 95th Rifles.

Battle re-enactment and living history society in England.

23rd Regiment of foot ‘Royal Welch Fusiliers’

1/95th Regiment of Foot ‘The Rifles’

British Light Infantry rifles from America.

42nd Royal Highlanders.

Highland Black Watch based in America.

3rd Comp.Lieb- Battalion Black Brunswickers.

Based in Australia.

Voluntarios de Madrid.

Spanish Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars.

Military Odyssey.


Annual multi- period historical event featuring re-enactors from pre- Roman times to the present day.

Polski Festiwal [Polish Festival].

Annual festival depicting polish cultural activities and folk dancing.

Tolentino 815 Association.

The Tolentino 815 Association, in cooperation with the Municipality of Tolentino , organizes a historical re-enactment event of the Battle of Tolentino, as occurred the 2 nd and 3 rd of May 1815 between the Neapolitan army of Gioacchino Murat, King of Naples, and the Austrian army led by the Baron Frederick Bianchi; considered by many historians as the first for Italian Independence.

Napoleon. Gery Polish website.

Polish website featuring Napoleonic / Duchy of Warsaw articles.

Arsenal – The Association of Polish Regiments 1717-1831

Suttlers and Suppliers.

Abimelech Hainsworth / Joshua Briggs.

Hainsworths have been suppliers of fine melton cloth to the military since the Napoleonic Wars.

Wyedean Weaving Company.

From raw material to complete regalia, using specialist machinery, twists, warps, weaves, ply’s and plaits to create all types of textile accoutrements for uniformed forces.

Antik Costumes.

Suppliers of uniforms and accoutrements for Napoleonic re-enactors.

La Ripaille

Excellent quality manufacturer and supplier of all Napoleonic equipment based in Belgium.


Federation of Poles in Great Britain.

The Federeation exists not only to both promote and defend the interests of the Polish ethnic minority in Great Britain, but also to promote polish history, culture and traditions among the British people.


This organization aims to promote and encourage access to Polish Culture in all its forms to Poles and non Poles. It provides an opportunity for non-Poles to sample Polish Culture and diversity within the local community.


Anglo-Polish radio


Polish National Tourist Office.


Polish weekly magazine.

British Polish Chamber of Commerce.


Museum of the Polish Soldier [Muzeum Wojska Polskiego]

The Museum of the Polish Soldier is in Warsaw and houses exhibits of uniforms and equipment from the regiment, once part of the Krasinski collection.

Polish Institute and Gen.Sikorski Museum.

This museum at Princess Gate in London houses some items from the regiment.

Musee de L’Emperi, Salon-de-Provence.

Museum in Provence, France  which houses an extensive Napoleonic collection, part of the Raoul and Jean Brunon collection.

Musee de L’armee, Paris.

This museum in Paris houses an extensive  Napoleonic collection and items from the regiment.