6th Company 2nd escadron:

In 2009 a small band of enthusiastic Russian re-enactors under the direction of Andrew Gulin made their debut as Polish Guard Lancers supported within the nucleus of the 6th Duchy of Warsaw Lancers re-enactment group. All were enthusiastic lovers of horses and were engaged in horse riding equestrian hikes as well as having an interest in military history related to the cavalry.

The choice to represent the Polish Guard Lancers stemmed from the fact that at the time the group formed the majority of re-enactors in Russia were portraying their own national units and regiments and there was an imbalance of Russian to French Units. The Poles during the Napoleonic wars were fighting for the re-constitution of their nation and freedom which also adhered the Russian re-enactors to them. Being a ‘Guard’ regiment and always at the side of the Emperor, fighting with unquestionable loyalty and heroism was also a prime factor in the groups motivation. The Polish cavalry and especially that of the Guard were considered one of the best in Europe at this period.

From the beginning the group set itself a high goal – to represent the Polish Guard lancers as accurately as possible through it’s uniforms, drill and equestrianism. This demanded hard work and commitment. The group used contemporary information both in Russia and abroad, visiting and researching museums and met with historians and archaeologists conducting research in battles of the war of 1812.

In 2012 the group joined the Polish Guard Lancers in Europe under the command of Colonel George Lubomski, as part of the 2nd Squadron 6th company. This action expanded the European regiment to 4 companies made up of Brits, Poles, French and Russians with an existing strength of 30 men. The first joint venture between all groups was at the Battle of Borodino in September 2012. Vitaly Nevzorov surgeon to the regiment expressed his feelings in this way “This event devoted to the two hundred year anniversary of the battle of Borodino became for us the key because it is in this year that we for the first time came together in a single regiment with re-enactors from England, Poland and France.”

The Russian 6th company has expanded since it’s humble beginnings to include a Lieutenant, Trumpeter, a Regimental surgeon and 8 lancers. It has faithfully engaged itself in commemorating the events and Battles of 1812 and has participated at the re-enactments of Krasnoe, Maloyaroslavec and the crossing of the Berezina river. From 2013 it will join with the other companies of the regiment in the commemoration of battles and events in Germany, France and at Waterloo in Belgium.

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