Joining the Polish Lancers

All those wishing to join the Regiment do so initially as recruits on a trial basis. This period varies and depends on how you fit into the unit. It is during this initial period that the group members can see at first hand your dedication and commitment to the group and what you can offer. It also gives you an opportunity to see what we can offer you in return if you decide to become a member.

During this initial period recruits will acquire at their own cost stable dress uniform together with a sabre and be instructed in basic foot and weapons drill. The Regiment will during this period actively give instruction in horse care and mounted drill when it meets at training sessions.

As all re-enactors involved in depicting cavalry from any period will tell you, it is an expensive hobby. However the regimental stores hold some equipment including uniforms and horse tack which can be loaned by recruits at specific events. We also try as a group to make as much kit as we can in- house so as to keep down costs. However recruits must understand that the Regiment cannot equip a recruit at its own cost.

When we do mounted drill the cost is about £30 for two hours per person.

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