Ability to ride

An ability to ride is a great asset and those with recruits with previous riding experience are seen as valuable members and most welcome.

As a group we are not financially in a position to teach people to ride. Those recruits without riding experience will need to put in time and effort at their local riding school and develop riding skills to a reasonable standard if they are to ride with the group at re-enactments and take part in skill- at-arms displays.

By the time a recruit is confident and able to ride with the regiment they will be expected to control an unknown horse supplied by a qualified horse supplier for cavalry re- enactment under cannon and musket fire as well as ride safely with due consideration to other riders in formation. They will also need to show care and attention for the public.

You do not need your own horse to participate although owner riders are welcome to bring along their own mounts providing that their mounts fulfil the requirements expected at the various events that we take part in.

Having an interest in Military History

People join the 1st Polish Guard Lancer’s re-enactment group do so for various reasons. Some like the uniform that we wear, others for the enjoyment of riding horses in battle re-enactments or to meet new friends in the UK and abroad. Having an interest in the military history of the period is not compulsory but it does help to ‘set your seat’ into what we are doing and what we are about. A little background knowledge goes a long way!

During our training sessions new recruits will be informed of the 1st Polish Guard Lancer’s history to help them in developing a closer bond with the Regiment. The ability to ride is not a pre requisite to becoming a member as the unit has riders at various stages of horsemanship and has room for mounted as well as non mounted members of both sexes.

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