Waterloo 2015

For all Napoleonic re-enactors 2015 will mark a very special milestone, the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo or Mont Saint Jean as it was known to the French.

Re-enactors from all over Europe and the wider world will converge on this piece of historic ground to relive and show to others the action that took place here in June 1815.

Among those taking part will be the 1st Regiment of Polish Guard Lancer’s – lanciers Polonais de la Garde Imperiale which will put into the field it’s 4 companies .

Plans have already begun to be put in place to make this event a reality for the regiment under the name of The Waterloo Project 2015. A great deal is still to be completed and these plans will continue to develop over the coming 12 months. This website will continue to keep you informed of development for the event.

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