Polish recruits wanted.

although the 1st Company is recruiting in the UK and welcomes recruits who are British citizens it also has a strong desire to recruit native Poles resident in the UK or those with a Polish background or with an interest in Polish military history.There is no language barrier as members within the 1st Company speak very good Polish.

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  1. B. Yurko Mikels says:

    Cholera Atlantyku! Damn the Atlantic!

    Said with much envy and admiration. Well done!

    Pozdrawiam z Chicago, (NW suburbs).

    A Fan

    • george says:

      Dziękuję za słowa otuchy!
      Chciałbym także, że jesteśmy bliżej, to może bym więcej rekrutów


      • B. Yurko Mikels says:

        Czolem George,
        I spent last Saturday evening (Brigade Napoleon event) with old friends here in Illinois;
        Jose Torres and David Saint-Germain (3rd Cuirassiers) and Victor Eiser (President, Brigade Napoleon). At last they have convinced me the time is now to start getting kit together. There is only one organization I would consider.

        Additionally, I have another solid recruit and two more very interested in Napoleonic Polish Cavalry but uncertain as to type to choose. The other two are considering Napoleonic Szwolezer impression because of costs. All 3 are native born Poles now living in Chicago region. Grzesiek and Rafal live within 15-20 minutes of my house and Krzysiek lives in the city of Chicago.

        B. Yurko Mikels-Horse owner, sold
        Grzegorz Kabat-Horse owner, solid recruit
        Rafal Drwiega-some riding skill, Lancer or Szwolezer impression.
        Krzysiek Wesolowski-little riding ability but interested, Lancer or Szwolezer.

        Would you be interested in helping us though we live in Chicago? Chances of coming to Europe for us are marginal at best. But there is solid interest as vacation in 2015.

        I look forward to your thoughts. Pozdrawiam-

      • Jan Macierewicz says:

        Szkoda, ze tak pozno wpadlem na te strone, no ale w rocznice Somosierry….
        Jestem chirurgiem, a na dodatek jezdze konno i uwielbiam historie
        a okres napoleonski to juz w ogole…
        Jesli kiedys trzeba sie stawic, daj znac.
        Mieszkam w Sheffield w Anglii

        • George Lubomski says:

          jan, sorry I have not picked up on this message.
          Would be interested in meeting up with you possibly in Sheffield if you still have an interest in joining up with us. I have some spare time during the first week in June

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